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Online Income Taxes Filing

Aaah, income tax filing, everyone's' favorite chore! Or not so much. Most of us would rather do any multitude of tasks in order to avoid having to file income taxes. Would you like to learn how to file income tax online yourself and save money at the same time? There is a lot of help available for everyone from the first time filer to the veteran. If you're tired of shelling out cash every year to someone else to do your taxes, this year is a good time to learn the basics of electronic income tax filing. Acquire a new skill and save yourself some money too!

Income Taxes Filing

Online Income Tax Preparation and Filing

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Tax Return Preparation SoftwareFiling income taxes is a very manageable task once you have the correct software program for your personal tax situation. There are so many good reasons to tackle this yourself that you'll wish you had done it sooner. No more waiting for someone else to get your taxes done on their schedule. And no more paying someone else to do a task you can do yourself. You'll be able to e file income tax returns and have the refund in your bank account usually in ten business days!

With most of the tax software programs you'll be able to do your federal tax filing for free. No need to run to the Post Office or library to find the right IRS forms. Everything you need will be included in the software, making the process just that much smoother. While there is free tax filing for the federal forms, you'll need to pay a moderate fee for filing your state tax forms online. All in all though, it will still be less than you were paying a tax professional to do your taxes each year.

Online Income Tax Filing Choices

Here are just some of the choices listed on this page along with the #1 and #2 Top Selling Brands:

Choosing income tax filing software

There are multiple software products available and several are represented on this page. Choosing the software that is right for you is as easy as assessing your tax situation and choosing the level of software that meets those criteria.

To start, you can estimate your income taxes free with an online tax calculator to help decide whether you need a simple form, basic level, deluxe level or premier level software. If you are single, have no children, rent and have no deductions, you'll be able to file a FREE simple form, the easiest income tax return filing available!

A basic level program will work well for you if you have children, own your own home and have itemized deductions. If your needs are not complex, the basic level should be able to help you complete your taxes in no time.

The deluxe level software is for someone who needs more than the basic level provides, like help with gains or losses from the sale of stocks and bonds, investments or retirement income. This software will help you sort through all the gains and losses and find all the deductions you are entitled to take. Some programs offer help from a tax professional if you find yourself with questions.

The premier level is for those who have more complex tax situations than the deluxe level can handle. This is for people who are self-employed, run their own business or have rental income. With this software, you'll be able to address all the income streams you have, and find all the deductions possible. Some programs even offer live chat help!

You'll recognize the names of many of the software programs listed here including TaxAct, E-Smart-Tax, HR Block and TurboTax. Once you've decided which level software you need, look through the programs offered by these companies and choose the one the fits your needs best.

Be sure to check out H&R Block and TurboTax. These programs are the perennial favorites for good reason. People return every year because these products really are a great value for the money. Time for you to get started!